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Welcome to our Boutique!

Check out our beautiful boutique with fine clothing, accessories, shoes, gems, and jewelry. Light up your day or grab that item to uplift your energy or someone you love.  We have full-service gift wrapping so you can make a luxurious impression for any occasion.

Spring & Summer Fashions

Outfit #1

Featured here:
• Eternelle Demin Dress (Multiple colors available) - $149
• Corky's Cheers Flower Heel Sandals - $49.99

Outfit #2

Featured here:
• Cream/Gold T-Shirt - $87.50
• Hatley Linen Jacket - $135
• Heart Comfy Joggers - $108.75
Corky's Main Squeeze Clear Heel Sandals - $64.99$

Bringing you the Latest for Spring Fashion!

Shoes to match your style

Don't forget about jewelry

Check out one of our other items!

The SWEETEST GIFT you can buy!

If you haven’t tried these chocolates yet, they are the best we’ve ever tasted!

That’s why we’ve partnered with our Ukrainian friend, whom we would love to support well after Valentine’s Month because these hand-painted beauties are just beyond.

Two sizes.

$17 and $23.

You won’t be disappointed!

Adopt a Therapy Pet!

Hypoallergenic Adoption Center!

Alpacas Teddy Bears

Real Alpaca Fur from Peru!

SM: $34.99

Med: $74.99

LG: $124.99