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A Monthly Note From Angela

As we enter the month of June, it’s time to reflect upon the first half of 2018. Have the last 5 months gone the way we would have liked? How have we changed or grown?

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If you suffer from codependency issues, then you’re you’re probably inclined to jump head first into a ditch if someone were stuck down there and needed you… and you’d probably do so without giving it much thought. If this is you, then you probably feel drained by other people’s energies, especially because they usually “need”…

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All Water Is Not Created Equal

What if I told you that you could get the best tasting and healthiest water for a lot cheaper than what you’re drinking now?  Most people want to know more! Nikken, a wonderful Japanese company that has been the leading company selling magnets and products for a Wellness Home, have an amazing water system called…

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So many people are feeling the wonderful effects of Purium because your mind, body, and spirit truly thrive when fed TRUE nutrition!  After the 10-day group transformation cleanse that some of us did this month, I learned something from someone in the group that I would love to share. He said that he enjoyed mixing…

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