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Luxe Relaxation Massage

Let go completely into a Deep Tissue Massage infused with our Signature AK Essential Oil Blends. Gua Sha and Hot Stone Therapy completes this luxurious experience and takes it above and beyond in our Himalayan Salt Environment filled with Soothing Aromatherapy.

30 min - $90

60 min - $155

90 min - $220

Essential Spa

A Healing Combo of Massage and Acupuncture. Get the best of both worlds and take your healing to the next level. Enjoy the relaxation and healing effects of a perfect spa day!


Reflexology Spa (Foot Soak + Reflexology)

Come back to life from fatigue and overwork with this heavenly treat. Soak your tired feet with detoxifying salts followed by reflexology in one of our relaxing recliners.

(Recommended add on: Essential acupuncture)


Ear Candling

Thought to have originated in China, Egypt, or Tibet, ear candling has been a form of extracting excess ear wax and debris from the ear for centuries. With one side lit and the other side placed into the ear canal, the ear candle creates a vacuum that gently pulls out ear wax, as well as other excess fluids.


Angel Glow Facial

Fall into the clouds with this heavenly treatment where your face will be cleansed, renewed, and bathed with love.  This anti-aging, antioxidant facial will revitalize your skin and bring back your youthful vibrancy while massage, gua sha and jade rollers send your whole body into a gorgeous rest and relaxation.

50 min - $165

Facial Acupuncture Add On
(After Angel Glow Facial)

Continue your blissful spa day by receiving facial acupuncture after the Angel Glow Facial for more rejuvenating and deeper anti-aging as well as healing effects.  Your acupuncturist will tailor the treatment to your skin’s needs and help you unwind the stress in your face, jaw, and body.  Great for healing all types of skin issues such as aging and acne prone skin.

40 min - $150



Valuable time will be spent discussing your health concerns and goals. Answers to your questions and clarity for your journey ahead sets you up for success. Become educated in our services and how they can best serve you in all areas of Wellness.

30 min - $150

60 min - $250

Holistic Health Assessment

If you have been wanting to get true answers to your health issues, this holistic and functional medicine assessment is a great place to start. Discover why you have your symptoms and what is at the root. See the bigger picture of your health issues and learn how you can truly heal from the inside out, naturally.


Essential Acupuncture

Start with the essentials. Get out of pain or stop the anxiety. Address any health symptoms and start feeling better with this relaxing and transforming treatment. You will receive your treatment in one of our amazing heated recliners.

New Patient - $100

Follow up - $75

Classic Acupuncture

Enter your private treatment room and into a state of bliss. Achieve your wellness goals with more medical spa enhancements with your practitioner.

New Patient - $189

Follow Up - $139

Signature Acupuncture

Go deep with this 5 star medical spa treatment with all the enhancements of hot towels, essential oils, cupping and longer hands on therapy time with your practitioner to address your symptoms and the root cause. You’ll feel wonderfully nurtured and renewed in
your healing journey.

New Patient - $247

Follow Up - $197

Acupuncture Facial

No need for chemical fillers or injections. Acupuncture, Microcurrent, Gua-sha, Massage, Cupping, and Light Therapy combined with our research-proven facial products will leave you mesmerized, radiant, and youthful. Achieve natural beauty and turn the clock back, naturally. Our signature facial is not only something your face will love, but your whole body from the inside out!



Cupping is an ancient modality whereby toxins are pulled to the surface using suction with glass cups. It can be likened to a deep tissue massage, but many have stated that cupping gives them more relief than massage alone.



In this warming and comfortable healing session, you will relax on an infrared light therapy machine, a medical device that envelops you with the appropriate energy resonance to increase your body’s frequency. Use this treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, fatigue, and more. You will feel instant relief and healing of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual dis-ease. These sessions are powerful shifts for your energy field and can provide profound transformations.

30 min - $75

energy healing

Emotional Reset

Start this treatment on our Frequency Elevation Machine, then continue the energy shift with loving angelic hands as they massage your head, ears, neck, and shoulders using our AK Signature essential oils chosen for your energetic needs. Ear seeds will then be placed on specific points for your balancing needs. Ask to upgrade to Swarovski Crystals with Gold-Plated Pellets for only $3 each to sparkle for up to a week.  


REIKI ADD ON with angela kung

Go deeper in your acupuncture session by coupling it with reiki or increase the length of your healing time by adding reiki to the beginning or end of your massage, acupuncture, facial or other service. Experience the power of reiki on your ability to heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Expedite your progress when done as an add on or alone. We offer remote healing availability through phone and zoom. 

(Recommended add on: Infrared sauna prior or after treatment)

30 min - $120

60 min - $215

Spiritual Alignment with Angela Kung

If traditional talk therapy isn’t shifting your life as quickly as you’d like, or you feel drained, stuck, or lost, placed on medications that you would rather not have to take, and are looking for an alternative route to find true answers and true healing, Spiritual Alignment with Angela Kung is your answer. This session provides counsel and healing at quantum speed and encourages transformational energy shifts in the cellular and subconscious level, giving you the body, mind and spirit healing that is instant. Angela Kung combines Theta Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Divine Energetics, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Breathwork, Meditation, Imagery Work, Muscle Testing, and more to help find and remove trauma and energy blocks that may be showing up in your life as pain, health issues, or relationships issues, mental illness and more. Experience true healing and meet your life goals with this incredible healing session with Angela. Clear trapped emotions, negative belief systems, misalignments in the body, generational patterns and more. We offer remote healing availability through Phone and Zoom.

30 min - $150

60 min - $300

90 min - $450

Angel's Touch with Angela Kung

Our Signature Angel’s Touch Bodywork Session has a deeper, more profound effect than just a typical massage. It will help you release heavy and unwanted energies that no longer serve you in your highest good. Feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually aligned and remove pain from this combination of angel work, massage, chakra aligning, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, emotional clearing, grounding, qi gong energy healing, hypnotic meditation and awakening that will leave you feeling like you had a transformational breakthrough. This work helps you to feel your best and find your core purpose as well as innermost joy.

30 min - $150

60 min - $300

MINI JOURNEY with Angela Kung

A mini combination of Spiritual Alignment and Angel’s Touch. Address your issues and blocks, get them cleared, and finish processing on the table. This 90 min session is the mini version of the Exclusive VIP Journey.

90 min - $450

Exclusive VIP Journey with Angela Kung

If you’re ready for real change, this exclusive time with Angela Kung will jump start your healing journey with an instant shift and release. You will feel lighter, have more clarity, and achieve true healing from the root. A deep dive into your past history that begins at conception, Angela Kung will help you release that which has been holding you back, causing negative symptoms, or creating difficulty in your life with your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Release generational issues and change unwanted patterns. Develop clarity to potentialize your life and breakthrough trauma energy, negative emotions, unhealthy belief systems and reset your energy field. This treatment includes a combination of Spiritual Alignment, Angel’s Touch, and Signature Acupuncture. 

2.5 hrs - $750

Day of Deliverance

One Day Retreat with Angela Kung

This is a day packed with healing the mind, body, and spirit. Expedite your healing and do it in luxury. Great for anybody, even those traveling from far away, who are ready to dive deep with this healing intensive to remove the blocks to true health, joy, and spiritual peace. All of the best healing services with Angela Kung are included in here and more for a memorable and transformational day that will change your life forever. You will be provided with a journal, pen, and a replenishing lunch and a gift to remember your day. Your retreat healing and spa day itinerary are given upon signup as well as catered lunch options.

Full Day - $2,000

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