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Office Policies


We are a out-of-network provider for PPO Insurance plans and can bill your insurance with the following conditions: All Insurance patients must keep a credit card on file and be responsible for paying out of pocket until their Insurance begins to pay. For those that have Insurance Providers that pay our Company directly, you will be switched to a copay once your deductible is met. If your Insurance Provider sends the Insurance checks directly to your residence, you are responsible for bringing them into our Center. You must pay for your services at the time of treatment. The Insurance Company notifies us of the amount sent to you to pay Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center for your services. You can choose to bring in the check or charge your credit card for any balance owed to us. We will reconcile your account and verify if there’s a credit that can be used or refunded to you. Remember, the Insurance Company makes out the checks in your name for the services rendered in our Center. Keeping this money or refusing to pay us the amount of the Insurance payment is a felony and we will charge your credit card on file. Please note that our Insurance rates are higher than our cash rates, and if the Insurance Company pays more than our cash rates for our services, that money belongs to our Center in full. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this.


Angela Kung Acupuncture and Wellness Center, Inc. (“AKAC”) has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Failing to provide AKAC with at least 24 hours’ notice when canceling or rescheduling, or failing to show up for an appointment, will result in a cancellation fee equal to the cost of the treatment(s) scheduled. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice but with more than 24 hours’ notice will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee.

General Terms

Appointments are on a first come first serve basis. All Sauna appointments are limited to days where treatments are scheduled. This may be but not limited to Acupuncture, Angel’s Touch, Signature Alignment, Cupping, Emotional Reset, Ear Candling, Case Review, or Botanical Consultation. Please arrive at your appointments 5-10 minutes early. You are responsible for being on time for your appointments and we cannot make up for time lost from tardiness, nor expect to be treated right away due to the busyness of the practice. All services paid for are nonrefundable, including prepaid fees for service packages and gift cards.  To ensure the highest quality and potency, our supplements and botanical herbs and formulas are non-returnable and non-refundable.