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Energy Healing at its Finest

Energy healing is a holistic practice used to treat various health conditions as our energetic bodies are intertwined with our physical bodies.  Flow, balance, harmony, and vitality can be restored with the variety of our amazing healing techniques. 

Through Trauma Release Work, Theta Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Acupuncture, Chinese Botanical Medicine, Body Code, Emotional Code, Emotional Reset, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Healing, Chakra Alignment, Medical Qi Gong, Angel and Light Therapy, Meditation, Breath Work, PEMF therapy and much more, you will experience life in a way you never imagined and with a joy and peace you’ve always wanted.

Spiritual Alignment
with Angela Kung

If traditional talk therapy isn’t shifting your life as quickly as you’d like, or you feel drained, stuck, or lost and are looking for an alternative route to find true answers and true healing, Spiritual Alignment with Angela Kung is your answer. 

Spiritual Alignment provides counsel and healing at quantum speed and encourages transformational energy shifts in the cellular and subconscious level, giving you instant healing for the body, mind and spirit.  Clear trapped emotions, past traumas, negative belief systems, misalignments in the body, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and more. 

A combination of healing modalities may include Theta Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Divine Energetics, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, breath work, meditation, imagery work and muscle testing to help find and remove trauma and energy blocks that may be showing up in your life as pain, health issues, or relationships issues, mental illness and more. Experience true healing and meet your life goals with this incredible healing session with Angela.

We also offer remote healing availability through phone and Zoom.

30 min - $150

60 min - $300

90 min - $450

Angel's Touch with Angela Kung

Angel’s Touch Energy Healing has a deep and profound effect for healing pain, emotional, mental and spiritual disease. Feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually lighter with this transformational breakthrough work and arrive at feeling your best with innermost joy. 

Depending on each patient’s needs, this visceral, hands-on work may include a combination of Angel work, Qi massage, Chakra aligning, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, emotional clearing, grounding, medical Qi Gong, hypnotic meditation and inner child healing to help you release heavy and unwanted energies that no longer serve you.  Start your journey to living your best life with passion and purpose with this amazing session with Angela. 


30 min - $150

60 min - $300

MINI JOURNEY with Angela Kung

Experience this powerful combination of Spiritual Alignment and Angel’s Touch for major energetic shifts.

Address your issues and blocks, get them cleared, and finish processing on the table. This 90 min session is the mini version of the Exclusive VIP Journey.

90 min - $450

Exclusive VIP Journey
with Angela Kung

If you’re ready for real change, this exclusive time with Angela will jump start your healing journey with an instant shift and release. You will feel lighter, have more clarity, and achieve true healing from the root.

A deep dive into your past history that begins at conception, Angela will help you release that which has been holding you back, causing negative symptoms, or creating difficulty in your life with your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Release generational issues and change unwanted patterns. Develop clarity to potentialize your life and breakthrough trauma energy, negative emotions, unhealthy belief systems and reset your energy field. This treatment includes a combination of Spiritual Alignment, Angel’s Touch, and Signature Acupuncture. 

2.5 hrs - $750

Emotional Reset

Start this amazing treatment on our PEMF mat, then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you begin your blissful energy shift. Loving angelic hands will massage your head, ears, neck, and shoulders using our AK Signature essential oils, hand-picked specifically for your energetic needs.

While your tension melts away, you will receive auriculotherapy with ear seeds placed on key points to continue your blissful state after you leave. Ask to upgrade to Swarovski Crystals with Gold-Plated Pellets to sparkle for up to a week.  


(Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)


PEMF therapy can be a powerful, holistic intervention for numerous health conditions and help heal the body naturally at a deep cellular level. PEMF excels at reducing inflammation and pain, boosting energy, improving blood circulation, and so much more! 

As you relax on the PEMF mat  your cells will resonate at the Earth’s low frequency that sustains a healthy body. This resonance will help mitigate EMF damage, optimize cell function and bring your body into balance. Our PEMF system can help restore your vital electromagnetic field so the body can heal itself! 25 mins.

Single session - $50

Package of 12 sessions: $540
(10% discount)

(Add-on with Angela Kung)

Go deeper in your sessions and expedite your progress by adding Reiki to the beginning or end of your massage, acupuncture, facial or other service.  Experience the power of Reiki on your ability to heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We offer remote healing availability through phone and zoom. (Recommended add on: Infrared sauna prior or after treatment

30 min - $120

60 min - $215

(With any Spa or Acupuncture Service)

In this warming and comfortable healing session, you will relax on an infrared light therapy machine, a medical device that envelops you with the appropriate energy resonance to increase your body’s frequency. Use this treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, fatigue, and more. You will feel instant relief and healing of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual dis-ease. These sessions are powerful shifts for your energy field and can provide profound transformations.

30 min - $75

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