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Massage & Spa Services


Luxe Relaxation Massage

Let go completely into a Deep Tissue Massage infused with our Signature AK Essential Oil Blends. Gua Sha and Hot Stone Therapy completes this luxurious experience and takes it above and beyond in our Himalayan Salt environment filled with soothing aromatherapy.

30 min - $90

60 min - $155

90 min - $220

Essential Spa

A powerful healing combo of Massage and Acupuncture. Get the best of both worlds and take your healing to the next level. Enjoy the relaxation and healing effects of a perfect spa day! 60 mins.


Reflexology Spa (Foot Soak + Reflexology)

Come back to life from fatigue and overwork with this heavenly treat. Soak your tired feet with detoxifying salts followed by an amazing foot massage along with your calves, arms and hands in one of our relaxing recliners. (Recommended add-on: Essential acupuncture)  60 mins.


Angel Glow Facial

Fall into the clouds with this heavenly treatment where your face will be cleansed, renewed, and bathed with love.  This anti-aging, antioxidant facial will revitalize your skin and bring back your youthful vibrancy while massage, gua sha and jade rollers send your whole body into a gorgeous rest and relaxation. 50 mins. 


Facial Acupunture (Add-0n after Angel Glow Facial)

Continue your blissful spa day by receiving facial acupuncture after the Angel Glow Facial for more rejuvenating and deeper anti-aging as well as healing effects.  Your acupuncturist will tailor the treatment to your skin’s needs and help you unwind the stress in your face, jaw, and body.  Great for healing all types of skin issues such as aging and acne prone skin. 


Ear Candling

Thought to have originated in China, Egypt, or Tibet, ear candling has been a form of extracting excess ear wax and debris from the ear for centuries. With one side lit and the other side placed into the ear canal, the ear candle creates a vacuum that gently pulls out ear wax, as well as other excess fluids.