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Acupuncture Services


Sunset Acupuncture

Numerous Shamanic practices include the West as an essential part of the vision quest – a place to purify oneself, heal, and dig deeply for messages. The West teaches to release what is no longer useful in our lives and surrender to a Higher calling; this can create a certain amount of struggle – a sense of grief for what has been but results in powerful changes in our faith, sense of self, our ability for compassion and our spiritual vision. That’s why our heated and massaging recliners for this special healing faces our west facing windows. Relax deeply from the healing aromatherapy and supportive hands providing acupressure to your head, ears, neck and shoulders. You’ll be transformed into a spiritual bliss by the time the acupuncture begins.  Add Ear Seeds to tape on acupressure to your ears for up to a whole week of healing for addictions, anxiety, sleep issues, digestive trouble, and general stress. $10. Add $3 for each Swarovski Ear Seed with Gold-Plated Pellets for extra bling and beauty. 40 mins.

New Patient - $180

Follow Up - $130

Classic Acupuncture

Enter your private treatment room and into a state of bliss.  Address your health issues on a deeper level and start your healing journey with this relaxing, transforming treatment. Achieve your wellness goals with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies with your practitioner. 45 mins.

New Patient - $189

Follow Up - $139

Signature Acupuncture Facial

Go deeper with this 5-Star acupuncture and medical spa treatment with one or more of the following enhancements: cupping, essential oils, hot towels, or longer hands-on therapy time with your practitioner. You’ll feel wonderfully supported and nurtured while addressing your health concerns as you continue on your transformative healing journey. 60 min.

New Patient - $247

Follow Up - $197

Holistic Health Assessment

If you have been wanting to get true answers to your health issues, this holistic and functional medicine assessment is a great place to start. Discover why you have your symptoms and what is at the root. See the bigger picture of your health issues and learn how you can truly heal from the inside out, naturally.



Cupping involves using glass or plastic cups to pull an area of skin into a suction that decompresses muscles and connective tissue. This promotes blood flow to the area, enhances circulation and helps to increase the body’s own healing processes. It is one of the most effective methods of releasing toxins as enhanced blood flow under the cups draws impurities towards the surface for elimination. 30 min.


Emotional Reset

Start this amazing treatment on our PEMF mat, then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you begin your blissful energy shift. Loving angelic hands will massage your head, ears, neck, and shoulders using our AK Signature essential oils, hand-picked specifically for your energetic needs.

While your tension melts away, you will receive auriculotherapy with ear seeds placed on key points to continue your blissful state after you leave. Ask to upgrade to Swarovski Crystals with Gold-Plated Pellets to sparkle for up to a week.  


PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) therapy can be a powerful, holistic intervention for numerous health conditions and help heal the body naturally at a deep cellular level. PEMF excels at reducing inflammation and pain, boosting energy, improving blood circulation, and so much more! 

As you relax on the PEMF mat  your cells will resonate at the Earth’s low frequency that sustains a healthy body. This resonance will help mitigate EMF damage, optimize cell function and bring your body into balance. Our PEMF system can help restore your vital electromagnetic field so the body can heal itself! 

Single Session - $50

12 Sessions - $540 (10% discount)

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