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Spiritual Alignment

If traditional talk therapy isn’t shifting your life as quickly as you’d like, or you feel drained, stuck, or lost and are looking for an alternative route to find true answers and true healing, Spiritual Alignment with Angela Kung is your answer. 

Spiritual Alignment provides counsel and healing at quantum speed and encourages transformational energy shifts in the cellular and subconscious level, giving you instant healing for the body, mind and spirit.  Clear trapped emotions, past traumas, negative belief systems, misalignments in the body, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and more. 

A combination of healing modalities may include Theta Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Divine Energetics, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, breath work, meditation, imagery work and muscle testing to help find and remove trauma and energy blocks that may be showing up in your life as pain, health issues, or relationships issues, mental illness and more.  Experience true healing and meet your life goals with this incredible healing session with Angela.

We also offer remote healing availability through phone and Zoom.

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