My interest in healing began at a young age, as early as 6 years old. I began practicing touch therapy on myself and others.  I began meditating at a young age as well. A fun fact about myself is that I was a professional ice skater before I became interested in medicine. However, I always knew I wanted to help people in any way possible. I began to look into becoming a medical doctor, but was guided into practicing an alternative and holistic route. From then on, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Boston College and my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Southern California University of Health Science. Today, I practice many other energy healing modalities, like ThetaHealing, to compliment the practice I started 8 years ago. I devote my time in bringing the right healers to formulate the best staff possible. I am extremely grateful and proud to be the owner of such a beautiful practice.