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Healing Workshop

Collar & Leash Presents:

Healing Workshop with Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center

A private event for a special night of healing.

Healing Workshop Graphic for March 7, 2024

Collar and Leash
Event Location: 9772 Chapman Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Dr. Angela Kung will speak, followed by two Doctors of Acupuncture on her team giving each attendee acupuncture.

Enjoy refreshments, raffle prizes, and free giveaways.

Come prepared for a healing shift in your life!

angela kung
Collar and Leash of Garden Grove has been your trusted pet shop for over 50 years. Shelly Holman, the owner, extends her passion for natural healing beyond pets to the pet owners. Her love for all has created opportunities for her beloved customers and anyone else in the community to come and experience more profound healing to live well and overcome their challenges naturally. She knows that if you are healthier, your pets will be too! She presents Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center on March 7th, 6-8 pm, at her pet shop at 9772 Chapman Ave in Garden Grove, CA 92841 to bring you the best in holistic, functional, and energy medicine healing!
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