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Essential Acupuncture

Start with the essentials. Get out of pain or stop the anxiety. Address any health symptoms and start feeling better with this relaxing and transforming treatment. You will receive your treatment in one of our amazing heated recliners.  30 mins.

New Patient - $100

Follow up - $75

Classic Acupuncture

Enter your private treatment room and into a state of bliss. Achieve your wellness goals with more medical spa enhancements and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies with your doctor.  45 mins.

New Patient - $189

Follow Up - $139

Signature Acupuncture

Go deep with this 5-Star medical spa treatment with all the enhancements of hot towels, essential oils, cupping and longer hands on therapy time with your practitioner to address your symptoms and the root cause. You’ll feel wonderfully nurtured and renewed in your healing journey. 60 mins

New Patient - $247

Follow Up - $197

Acupuncture Facial

No need for chemical fillers or injections. Acupuncture, Microcurrent, Gua-sha, Massage, Cupping, and Light Therapy combined with our research-proven facial products will leave you mesmerized, radiant, and youthful. Achieve natural beauty and turn the clock back, naturally. Our signature facial is not only something your face will love, but your whole body from the inside out!  60 mins.



Cupping is an ancient modality whereby toxins are pulled to the surface using suction with glass cups. It can be likened to a deep tissue massage, but many have stated that cupping gives them more relief than massage alone. 30 mins.


Holistic Health Assessment

If you have been wanting to get true answers to your health issues, this holistic and functional medicine assessment is a great place to start. Discover why you have your symptoms and what is at the root. See the bigger picture of your health issues and learn how you can truly heal from the inside out, naturally. 60 mins.



Valuable time will be spent discussing your health concerns and goals. Answers to your questions and clarity for your journey ahead sets you up for success. Become educated in our services and how they can best serve you in all areas of wellness.

30 min - $150

60 min - $250

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