Angela Kung is the first acupuncturist I have ever seen. She was recommended to me by my doctor and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited her. The office is very nice and has a spa-like feel. I was immediately relaxed and glad I had made the appointment. Angela’s style of accupuncture includes not only the needle part but also a therapy session to see why you are presenting the problems you have. That was super helpful and I have learned to relax more and I can catch myself if I feel the old habits creeping in. I had a significant amount of hair loss on the right side of my head. Angela has been helping me through acupuncture and energy work and I can finally say that it is working! I am re-growing hair and I couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is amazing and so are the other ladies in her office that do accupuncture. Angela also offers skin care and massage therapy. I love that too. It’s a one stop shop and that makes me very happy.

My daughter who was diagnosed with PCOS also sees Angela. Through Angela’s care my daughter has started having regular menstrual cycles naturally which she hasn’t been able to do without medication in years.

Thank you Angela for your loving care and your God-given talent for helping us, your clients, live healthier, happier lives.

Karen M.

I had the opportunity to receive a massage from Dr. Angela Kung at her Acupuncture and Wellness Center. I have had massages from other therapists over the years, but never had a massage as amazing as this one. Although her massage incorporated traditional elements of massage, her touch was exceptionally soothing and healing and reflected her ability to know intuitively what type of touch was needed to create the best therapeutic experience. I was able to release all physical tension and mental stress and felt renewed and rejuvenated. This massage was memorable and I intend to return regularly to continue to reap the benefits of massages from a very gifted therapist.

Virgina W.

In the past I went to see an acupuncturist when I was in pain and medication did not help. However, after having seen Angela and her wonderful staff just a few times, I realized that Angela’s acupuncture and wellness center does so much more.  Both through the actual acupuncture and via honest in-depth conversations that I found to be more helpful than taking to my therapist, I learned that Angela and her staff can truly help me overcome my job-related anxiety, my negative self-image and help break the chains from my eating disorders.  After just a few sessions I feel so much more at peace with myself, have gotten a more positive outlook on life now that I can see and feel that I do not have to suffer from bulimia and anorexia for another 40 years.  And as a bonus, I have received many compliments from my friends on how much more relaxed and younger my face looks!   I can hardly wait for my next acupuncture facial….


Julianne T.

Our body remembers past hurts, which in my case caused pain and dis-ease. With Angela’s intuitive coaching along with acupuncture I was able to really, really connect with the actual causes of my pain. There was such an emotional, physical and curative release. This started a beautiful path to discovery and healing, without medication.

Elizabeth S.

This place is truly amazing. The staff makes you feel welcome and the environment is so serene. I had lost all hope when my 6 year old became sick for a month with vomiting , diarrhea, and extreme stomach pain. We had visited the ER 7 times with no cure or relieve. I became frustrated and scared, seeing my child in so much pain and not being able to help hurt my hurt in more ways than one. A friend of mine told me to try Accupuncture. I took my son in to see Angela and he was scared, sick, unsure, and in pain. Angela assured him that the needles would not hurt and she would be gentle with him. He did the Accupuncture and got relief instantly . I couldn’t believe what we just experienced. He no longer had stomach pain, stopped vomiting, and was himself again in a matter of 2hrs . I’m even in tears as I write this because it was like an angle had healed my son.  I would recommend this office to anyone in desperate need to be healed from whatever you’re suffering from. This place is truly amazing! My son asks me daily when we will go see Angela and her staff and when he’s going to get needles again. Thank you Angela Kung, you’re truly heaven sent and I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for my son! We couldn’t thank you enough.

Siren R.

Incorporating acupuncture into my life has honestly changed my life for the better. I started seeing Angela 6 months ago because I have painful menstrual cramps. I used to get painful cramps for two days each month and I would always rely on painkillers. After my acupuncture treatment, my cramps aren’t as severe as they used to be and I don’t have to take painkillers anymore. I can go out and about with my day instead of staying at home in pain, like how I used to. Thank you Angela for helping me make my cramps more manageable every month!



I highly recommend Angela Kung Acupuncture for reasons but, primarily because a health problem is being mended.  Over time I have experienced relief of chronic foot pain and acupuncture is the only remedy I have tried over five years that is working.  Additionally, Angela Kung is professional and her staff is very friendly.  You will be satisfied with Angela Kung!  Her office is very warm and inviting as well!

Clay S.

Angela has been treating my teenage granddaughter for two years.  Angela has been key element in granddaughter’s road to maturity.  She is caring with the right amount of ‘take responsibility for what you do’ mentality.  She is using a combination of counseling, energy work and acupuncture as treatments.  I see significant progress.

My teenager loves seeing her every week.  From my perspective, there is something very real and tangible that happens between them.

I recommend Angela Kung to everyone that is open to an alternative style of treatment.  Her office offers a multitude of services, all focused on making you and keeping you healthy.

Lauren K.

I have been seeing the skillful Dr. Sheryl Martin at the Angela Kung clinic for several months now.  She has taken the time to educate me on acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  I always learn something new on each visit.  My condition has improved since treatment has begun.  I recommend this clinic to anyone seeking this type of treatment.

Sandra S.

I look forward to coming in for appointments every week! Who knew you could be excited to get poked with needles?? All of the staff whom I’ve met has been phenomenal and so lovely. They all work hard to accommodate my needs and crazy schedule. There is also a sense of genuine caring amongst the staff. When I come in they remember things that I told them from months ago and will ask me how I’m doing in regards to that. This is particularly true with the receptionists. They always remember me and things about me. I really appreciate the hard work that they do and all the time that they spend trying to get my body back into good health.

Kaity S.

I would highly recommend Angela Kung to my family and friends looking for an alternative to Western medical treatments for pain, stress, etc.

Angela is a phenomenal acupuncturist who’s passion for healing and wellness is evident.  I felt instantly relaxed with her and her office is a serene and tranquil environment for deep relaxation and healing.  She has helped me tremendously on my own personal journey to healing and balance.
I would recommend her to any of my friends and family!

Dr. Kristen B.

I have nothing but great things to write about concerning Angela Kung and Charlie (Angela’s small dog)

There are very few health practitioners out there that are genuinely caring and involved as Angela is with the patients under her care.

Acupuncture is inexplicably but undeniably effective.  Western medicine can’t explain why it works, but Dr. Kung will show you that it does.

Acupuncture needles are microscopically thin and I can hardly feel anything when they are placed just under the surface of your skin.  Trust me.  Occasionally, a needle   may cause a minor pain, but even that feels like a light rubber band snap to the wrist.  A pittance compared to how much better you feel after the treatment is complete.

Rey D.

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